The Enemy Within
Work of the gremlins

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Styracosaurus Rider

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Eleventh Doctor


  • Amy Pond
  • Rory Williams




Earth, 2011

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Unnatural Time

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The Enemy Within is the fifth episode of Series I.


Machines throughout the world are failing. First, planes crash, and soon, all technology goes haywire. If the problem isn't stopped soon, the end of modern civilization could be nigh. But what is the reason for this? As the TARDIS crew finds out, the answer is far more dangerous than anyone has thought.



Sparks flew across the control panel of the airplane. Debris rained down from the ceiling as the craft nose-dived towards the ground. And Keller didn’t want to be the pilot of yet another plane to crash.

Grappling with the controls, he yelled, “Nicholas! Get those engines stabilized already!”

“I can’ God, they’re gone!”


“The engines, they’ve just...vanished, they’ve been torn off!”

“Just like the others. But how the devil can---” Keller started, but more sparks led him to resume wrestling with the switches. He lit the FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS sign, and then turned to another panel.

“Nicholas, there’s still at least one engine left, right?”



There was a snarl.

Keller simply stopped what he was doing and stared off into the distance. Slowly he turned around.

A clawed hand was impossibly emerging from the control panel. And then an arm, and then a body.

Keller opened his mouth, but he was dead on the floor before he could scream.



  • The episode's title is a deliberate nod to a working title used for several Doctor Who stories with some similarities.

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