The War of Theta Kappa
Theta kappa

Created by:

Styracosaurus Rider

Story Number:



Eleventh Doctor


  • Amy Pond
  • Rory Williams


To be determined


Theta Kappa, 2181

Previous Story:


Following Story:

Forgotten Monsters

The War of Theta Kappa is the seventh episode of Series I, the conclusion of the first half of the series and the first of a two-part story (the other being Forgotten Monsters).


The year is 2181. The place: Theta Kappa, a lively planet, located at the tail's end of the Tadpole Galaxy. The event? A massive, bloody war.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive right in the midst of this conflict, discovering that one side's experiments to construct the perfect war machine lead to a disruption of time in the distant past...with deadly consequences...


Coming soon...

I can give you a tiny peek into the plot, it involves genetics.

Also, I do not simply write "plots". My writing style is full-on stories.


  • The aliens in this story, the Yraal, are reptilian humanoids (but not related to the Silurians in any way. Before you ask).

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