Karlel is a fan-made character of mine who is set to appear in the end of the first half of Series II. His page and history are already in his article (Well, what HE knows about his history). But not all of it is quite as told. There's alot to Karlel that even he doesn't know. The Xyvak know everything about him (Truth be told, they were apart of it), his parents didn't know anything, and Karlel especially doesn't know.

So I'm going to let you have a go and piece together the clues leading up to the Epic Grand Series! The second two-parter of that series will reveal alot, and the finale will reveal most of the rest. So good luck. I doubt anyone will figure out everything. In fact, I haven't figured out everything (Well, I DO need to make it interesting! I have to take time!). So good luck!

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