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  • Time Guardian

    I fugured I'd put this blog post up so that I can tell you about upcoming stuff I'm going to post on my blog in the wiki. And all the episodes I'm gonna write:

    Not exactly in order:

    • Torchwood: Miracle Day (in progress)
    • The Stolen Earth/Journey's End (Part 1 in progress)
    • Top 11 Dumbest Moments in Nu-Who (in progress)
    • The Idiot's Lantern (TBW)
    • The Unicorn and the Wasp (TBW)
    • New Earth (TBW)

    • Unnatural Time (Progressing slowly but it's coming)
    • Torchwood Reborn (Part 1 is coming along nicely)
    • The Darkest Hour (Completed but it needs some polishing, it should be up by the end of next week)

    On a side note:

    I've created a blog on which is like IGN without the proper reviewers. Here's a link to an extended review of Midnight which is a…

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  • Time Guardian

    Some people may have noticed my lack of activity in the wiki and while I have two spin-offs and a two-parter that still need work, I've been busy with my first month of college. I had exams to prepare for, I've got coursework that needs writing, this whole month has just been a mess for me. This weekend I may have more free time to finish off my eps but for the moment I barely have enough time just to write this (with no spell checks).

    I'll try to get back to the wiki when I have more time available but for the moment I'm too busy.

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  • Time Guardian

    What can you say about the action packed, drama filled, adventure inspiring Doctor Who stories, I love ‘em, well most of them anyway. And ever since the show came back in 2005 more and more stories are slowly joining the ranks of classic epics like Genesis of the Daleks, The Caves of Androzani, Inferno, and so on. So today I’m gonna countdown the top 11 greatest stories the new series’ first 5 series had to offer. “Why Top 11?” Because I have my own story that will never die. So sit back and enjoy the top 11 greatest Doctor Who episodes.

    See told you it was here. What makes this episode so great is the setting, it is so effective that I was scared I might get sucked though the screen and into it. The scary moments were also well done, if yo…

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    After the abysmal horror films that just happened to be the Doctor Who episodes “Midnight” and “42” it is time for me to review something which truly captures RTD’s skills as a writer, an episode that you’ll find in my top 11 greatest Doctor Who episodes list (which is coming soon by the way). This episode puts the ‘system’ in ‘systematic scariness’. So hold on to your reproductive organs ladies and gentlemen, because Donna failed to “Turn Left”.

    After the awesome Library two-parter, we’ve got “Midnight” and it sucked hard. So my expectations were on the floor and I was expecting nothing more that “Boom Town” quality of writing for this episode. I honestly couldn’t believe just how masterful this episode turned out to be, it’s like the last…

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    First “Midnight” now “42”, I’m really trying to go crazy aren’t I? But I want to get these god awful pieces of s**t out of my system once and for all. So let’s jump in shall we.

    When Russell T Davies made Torchwood at some point he decided to make the writer Chris Chibnall head writer of the show. And seeing how he has the achievement of having written the worst story of both Torchwood and the new-Who it’s only fitting that I shout at him for as long as possible. I mean there’s nothing redeeming about this story and I mean NOTHIG. AT. ALL. Chibnall’s scripts often are ether stupid (“Cyberwoman”, “42”), or downright disgusting (“Countryside”, “Adrift”). And while there were several episode of Torchwood that he wrote that I enjoyed (“End of D…

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